• Corinna Lins

🍰 Build up a landing page for your team

As you probably already know, every team in Microsoft Teams is associated with a SharePoint Online team site. All documents shared in the team are stored in one library on this site: The Documents library. This library has one folder for each created public channel. The image below explains this structure:

Microsoft Teams became our primary collaboration tool by doing almost every collaborative and communicative task here. This also means that we create and work with lots of information and documents. It probably happened to you too, that you are searching for some information and you have no idea where to find it in Teams. Luckily there is a search that helps us to find the information we need.

But the search will not show us in Teams which data is important in a team.

That’s why building up the SharePoint site of a team in Teams could be a beneficial medium to get structure in your team.

No matter if you are working on a project, a community, an organizational team like a department or area, you always have important data, documents, news, events, guidelines. So let’s put hands-on and build up the SharePoint team site.

You can integrate this page super easily in your teams channel, so users can access the page directly from Teams without changing the app.

The image below shows the SharePoint homepage's integration as a tab in a team channel.

Now, probably you want to know how to build up this landing page?! 😉

It’s super easy; You have to open the associated SharePoint Online site from Teams, navigate to the homepage and edit it.

Just take a look:

When you are done with building up the page, you can integrate it as a team in a Teams channel by adding the SharePoint Pages app and selecting the team's homepage.

If you need some inspiration on building up the site and tips for outstanding web parts, take a look at my blog series Pretty Up My SharePoint.