• Corinna Lins

Get the most out of the web parts for linking content

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In this article, I want to give you my recommendation for linking content in SharePoint web parts.

For this slice of cake, you should be familiar with:

✔ WebParts in modern SharePoint sites, Microsoft support website

When you start building a portal, you are always dealing with lots of links. You want to place them somewhere on pages, and you want to make them visible and accessible to the end-user.

The out-of-the-box Button, Call to Action, the Image, and Quicklinks web parts are suitable for this purpose. My favorite is the quick links web part - easy to configure, and it goes down well.

Hereafter, the mentioned web parts are listed and presented for a better understanding:

1. Button Web part

Allows you to add simple Buttons with your theme background-color

2. Call to Action web part

It allows you to add a link button in your theme background color, an action description (no character limit), and a background image.

3. Image web part

Allows you to add images with link and text overlay (up to 48 characters)

4. Quick links web part

It allows you to add links with standard icons from Office 365 or images. The cool thing is that the quick links web part currently has six layout options.

Below you can see three different examples of this web part (with icons and images).

Guidance to the quick links web part configuration

Summary: Use out-of-the-box web parts to make your SharePoint link collection look sexy!