• Corinna Lins

Give color to your site - Site themes

In this article, I will give you some tips relating to site theming in modern SharePoint sites.

For this slice of cake, you should be familiar with:

✔ SharePoint site theming, Microsoft website

In modern SharePoint, you can use the themes for changing a SharePoint site’s color palette, but you can also create your own themes. You can even disable all other predefined themes.

If you want to create a new theme with your company CI, you need to be a SharePoint admin or ask your SharePoint admin to do this for you ;)

And believe me, it is straightforward. You just need to follow two steps:

1️⃣ Define your color palette with the Theme designer. You can define your primary, text, and background color - the whole color palette will be generated automatically by the theme designer. But you can also change every color slot. If you have secondary, tertiary, etc. colors in your corporate design definition, you should define them in the theme slots area.

After you define the color palette, you can export the theme as a PowerShell variable.

2️⃣ Use the PowerShell command Add-SPOTheme to add the newly created theme to your Microsoft 365 tenant. You can find all site theming actions in the PowerShell cmdlets documentation.

When you are working with site designs and site templates, you can apply themes at site creation, and when you are using hub sites, all sites in the hub are using the same theme.

My recommendation: I am using the site theming in the proof of concept phase. It is much easier to convince the involved stakeholders on the presented solution – yes, just because of the corporate identity elements.

Tip: Laura Kokkarinen wrote a blog post some time ago. You can find there a very detailed explanation of the site theming capabilities.