• Corinna Lins

🍰 Highlight your mega menu

In this article, I want to give you my tips for using the mega menu in SharePoint sites.

For this 🍰 of cake, you should be familiar with:

Edit the mega menu in a SharePoint site, Microsoft documentation

What is a SharePoint hub site, Microsoft documentation

When you work with menus in SharePoint, you have different types of menus:

  1. Team sites ➡ left navigation

  2. Communication sites ➡ top navigation

Additionally, if you are using hub sites to connect (team and communication) sites with each other, you will have an additional menu (hub mega menu).

It can get tricky if you are using hub sites and communication sites and both navigations. Why? Because you will have two navigations. From the user experience perspective, it is a mess to have two top menus. The end-user will be confused, and he will never know what is what.

My pro tips when building the mega menu:

  • Don’t use more than seven header topics in the main navigation bar.

  • Use uppercase for header labels.

  • Don’t overload it – remember that you will use the site also on mobile.

  • Use separator elements to group your navigation items.

This is the last 🍰 of cake from the "Pretty up my SharePoint" series. The next blog post is about the very delicious shortcrust cake.