• Corinna Lins

🍰 Make a folder in Teams read-only

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Maybe you have already faced the requirement to make a folder in Microsoft Teams read-only or restrict a folder's content for certain people (without creating a private channel).

For example, you want to provide some template documents to your team. You want to avoid team members edit the template documents accidentally – you just want them to download the documents. Easy requirement so far.

Who thought that? The hack can be done on the SharePoint site of a team. In SharePoint, you need to select the document or folder you want to change the permissions for, go to the properties, and manage the selected item's access. At this point, you can also stop sharing content with certain groups, if needed.

Take a look at the graphic below to see how to adjust the permissions:


By changing permissions for too many files and folders, it will get difficult to maintain the overview.

Instead of managing access for groups or giving access to single users, you could also use unique links for giving access. By sending the unique link, receivers get access to the specified data. Sometimes this leads to confusion and makes the permission management more complicated because people forget that they shared a link instead of granting access.

For more information, see also sharing SharePoint files or folders in the Microsoft Documentation.