• Corinna Lins

🍰 Microsoft Lists in Teams: One list - multiple views

Microsoft Lists can be easily integrated with Teams channels as tabs. When having a team with multiple channels, you can have different views on a list, depending on what information you need.

Let's first see what you can do with lists?

You can save your list data, which you would normally save in an Excel file, a small database, or a table. Here are some examples:

  • A supplier contact list with all necessary info

  • A change list where all your running changes in the project are tracked

  • A FAQ list for your team

Current Challenge

When adding Microsoft Lists as a tab to a channel, the default view of the list "All items" is always displayed. However, maybe you would like to have a filtered view of this, showing specific data from your list....

Did you know that you can define several views for a list?! If you even don’t know what a list view in Microsoft Lists or SharePoint is, take a look at the Microsoft reference.

Now let's take a look at the following example:

In a team, you want to build a knowledge base by establishing a FAQ list. A Microsoft List is the perfect solution for this purpose. In this way, we can categorize and filter questions & answers.


  1. one Teams channel for each topic

  2. one FAQ list - every Q&A has a topic

  3. in each topic channel, the Q&As should be displayed only for the corresponding topic.

  4. In the general channel, there should be all Q&As for all topics.

The Solution

Just create a list view for every category. You can do this directly in Teams or the SharePoint page. Either way, we still need to go to the SharePoint site because we need to set our filter there and get the link to the newly created views.

First, you have to switch to the view you want to edit (e.g., 01 Hardware) and then Edit the view. You have to set the desired filters and other settings for the view and save the changes.

After you have saved the view, copy the link – you will need it in Teams.

The link should look like this:


The trick comes at the end

Now you can add the newly created view as a tab in the corresponding channel.

Add a Lists tab by selecting Add an existing list. Now, you have to add the copied link to the newly created view instead of selecting the FAQ list.


A short wrap up

  • One central list as a knowledge base for FAQs

  • The channels are showing the filtered FAQ list – this can make end-users life easier.

You can use the list views for many other use cases, such as a formatted list view in the card format. It’s more user friendly and fits very good for some use cases: