• Corinna Lins

🎂 Pretty up my SharePoint

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


The very first cake is probably the most significant for me.

When I started working with SharePoint about eight years ago, I have begun with SharePoint UI branding topics. That was the starting point for my actual professional life.

This subject area gives an overview of the essential tips and tricks to pretty up the SharePoint UI.

This cake consists of 7 slices with several best practices and hacks for making your SharePoint look even better.

At the end of the post, you will be rewarded with a sponge cake receipt, and believe me: the recipe is so easy that even an inexperienced baker can make it taste great.

Below is an overview of the seven slices of this cake:

  1. Give color to your site

  2. Get the most out of the web parts for linking content

  3. Highlight essential content on the page

  4. Define your page templates

  5. Organization assets library - use your visual language

  6. List formatting - making lists and libraries fancy and attractive

  7. Highlight your Mega Menu

Bonus: Sponge cake with fruits