• Corinna Lins

🍰 Restore or view previous versions of your document

Imagine: You are working on a large document together with a group of people. One of them has to update the whole table of contents and the chapter numbers. Doing this, he makes one mistake and breaks the document's entire layout that needs to be finished asap.

Or, if you co-work with your colleagues on a document and you are getting conflicts, always keep in mind that you can go back to an older version of the document.

Don't worry! Documents stored in Teams are versioned – this means that a new version gets saved on every change of the document.

In the Files area of the team, you have to open the files in SharePoint. As mentioned in the overview post, all files in Teams are stored in SharePoint (Online).

By opening the team documents in SharePoint, you will have more document actions available. You can view the version history of a document or restore an old version of it.

That's all you need to know about working with document versions in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

You can find more information about versioning on the Microsofts website or Tracy's blog.