• Corinna Lins

🎂 SharePoint hacks you need to know when working with MS Teams

Updated: Feb 10

By now, Microsoft Teams is part of our daily working life. We run meetings, interact with our colleagues, manage tasks, and store documents. Sometimes, we drive to limits by trying to do some particular actions or finding specific functions in the Teams user interface that aren't there.

Many users even don't know that SharePoint is the foundation of our stored data in Teams. All our shared documents and Microsoft Lists for Teams are stored in SharePoint Online.

If you still have doubts about this, take a look at the architecture document for Microsoft Teams.

This cake consists of 7 slices with several tips and tricks to get the best out of working with Microsoft Teams by knowing some SharePoint tricks.

At the end of this blog series, you will be rewarded with a winter cake.

Below is an overview of the seven slices of this cake:

  1. Restore or view previous versions of your document

  2. Add a (cloud) file storage to your team in Teams

  3. Recover deleted files from Teams

  4. Make a folder read-only

  5. Synchronize all documents from a team with OneDrive

  6. Microsoft Lists in Teams: One list - multiple views

  7. Building up a landing page for your team