• Corinna Lins

🍰 Synchronize all documents from a team with OneDrive

As you probably already know, while working with documents in Teams, you can decide where you want to browse through your documents. Either you browse in Teams in every channel's Files area either browse in the windows explorer. Before browsing in windows explorer, the files need to be synchronized with the OneDrive sync client. The sync client is responsible for having the Teams documents synchronized to your explorer.

While synchronizing all documents in a team, you will need to sync every channel in the Teams user interface. For example, if a team has six channels, and you want to synchronize all of them, you will need to do that one by one in the Teams user interface.

If you are not familiar with the OneDrive synchronization, take a look at the Microsoft documentation,

Here comes the SharePoint hack. If you want to synchronize all documents from a team (and not the channels one by one), first open the Team documents in SharePoint (Step 1). Then you have to navigate to the top of your documents in a team (Step 2). From here, you can synchronize all the documents from a team (Step 3).

In this way, you can work from windows explorer with all the Teams files you need.

Info about the storage of Teams documents:

  1. All documents in a team are stored in a SharePoint document library.

  2. The SharePoint document library "Documents" is the top folder of your Teams (channel) documents.

  3. Every Files area of a Teams channel is a folder in the “Documents” library.