• Corinna Lins

Welcome to Corinna's Blog

Dear Reader,

I am delighted to have you here. :)

Many times I have hardly thought about whether it is the right path starting to write a blog. For me, it is sure that the content shouldn’t be like on any other blog. It should have something particular, and I found the perfect way to do it. This post is the kick-off for my blog, and I am happy to combine creativity with technology.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what made me started writing this blog.

I have been working for already more than eight years in the Microsoft collaboration consulting area and always wanted to do more than just helping the customers. In short: I love helping people finding solutions to everyday problems.

I also have to admit that I love everything sweet, and especially cakes. ;)

So why not writing a blog about both. You wonder how?

In Microsoft365, we are dealing every day with many different topics, and we can view a lot of them as a bundle.

Imagine you have a topic with different subtopics. Every topic is the cake, and every sub-topic is the slice of the cake.

Sometimes you want to eat just one slice, and sometimes you want to read the whole cake at once. ;)

I will regularly provide small articles that which you can read in a couple of minutes. These articles are easy to digest and help you improve your productivity and work with Microsoft365 collaboration tools.

You can decide if you want to consume just a slice of cake or the whole cake. Don’t worry, the Microsoft365 cake doesn’t have calories. ;)

If you’re passionate about Microsoft365 and cakes, this blog is perfect for you. If you’re passionate only about Microsoft365 collaboration, probably, you will soon be passionate about baking cakes as well. If you’re just passionate about baking cakes, you will just get better at baking cakes (and who knows, maybe you will also find your passion for Microsoft365).

So be prepared, the association between Microsoft365 and cakes will make your life sweeter. ;)